15 Fitness Models who are Ruling Instagram with Their Beauty

Social media has provided fitness models an opportunity to encourage those who are trying hard attempts to build their physique. They own countless followers, and it’s forever wonderful to ascertain how intensely and turbulently they train. Just like males, feminine fitness models have taken over the entire world of the Internet. They constantly work very hard and passionately need to post some lovely footage of their bodies and tell the people all over the globe. How the good perfect diet, proper exercise, and mental dedication have helped them to attain this deed.
Here in this article, we’ve gathered the list of the female fitness stars who are ruling the Instagram. Have a glance to keep you motivated.

1. Jennifer Nicole Lee

Jennifer isn’t solely a fitness guru but, AN author and motivational speaker as well. She is renowned for losing nearly seventy pounds after giving birth to her 2 kids. Jennifer didn’t have any athletic past and most of her life she has suffered from weight issues, however currently she’s motivating people and is a true inspiration for them.

2. Laura Micchelle Prestin

Laura is not only a natural health and fitness expert but a personal trainer as well. She conjures up individuals by posting her workout photos quite often on her Instagram account, and individuals go insane about her, seeing her glowing skin.

3. Hannah Bronfman

Hannah Bronfman has always been the part of nearly every field that’s offered. She is not only a fitness model; but also a DJ, co-founder of the beauty app named Beautified and even an investor. Despite having numerous things to try and do, she unendingly shares fitness tips together with her fans and followers.

4. Tracy Anderson

Tracy is well-known for her fitness technique named Tracy Anderson Method. She is a multi-platform fitness entrepreneur and an author having several celebrity clients. Despite of the criticism of many people regarding her training technique, she is still rocking.

5. Christmas Abbott

This nutrition and fitness freak was tagged by many people, as a woman suffering from malnutrition. However she gave them superb reply by building and working on her body. She worked according to a ‘Badass Body Diet’ which she created for herself. Christmas has mentioned this in her book as, ‘The Badass Life.’ 

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