Men Love Two Types Of Women. Find Out Who They Are.

Every person needs a special woman in her life. Women have some extraordinary attachments from which men fall in love with him. Generally there are many types of women that men love, but most men love only two types of women and as they are:

1. The Mother Type

Men attract mature, intelligent women whom they can see as their mother. Men start to compare women with their mother. They like to take instructions with small things like grocery shopping, and laundry. They always want to rely on someone who looks after her like her mother. When it is time to make a decision, so she will take charge and take the right decision for him. Men would want someone who is more of a companion, an equal, a partner, a woman because girls mature faster than boys. That’s why men want a woman like their mother. It is difficult to find people who care so much these days. This idea of thoughts is really important. Mainly for them who are away from their families, apart from this when you are unhealthy, you need your partner to reciprocate the feelings. She concerns about you, she cares you, and this is perhaps one of the best qualities a girl possesses.

One theory suggests that this is based on the manner in which our childhood has a tendency to understand the environment of the house. We have considered our parents as an ideal house because they want to feel you safe and happy. Another feature of this attraction is called in search of the perfect couple, who will take care of the house and whatever it represents. For this, they are checking everything related to home care, their potential descendants and marital status, life is needed. We base our concepts of an ideal home on the experiences of our childhood. After we felt  more safe, comfy and happy. Anthropologists have long been finding out this behavior among men and supported their findings, they come back to grasp the rationale behind it. From the prehistoric times, a mother would cook, clean the house, deliver healthy babies and lift them to adulthood. Naturally, a person needed a mate would do an equivalent for him so he would forever be dear and cared for.

Our mother was warm and giving women, as we  adults we tend to be attracted to warm and giving people. If our mother was a independent and fair nature, then we have a tendency to have the goal of preparing for the right strength in our partner. The mother has more effect on her sons: she not only signs her about whatever she can feel during a companion, although generally they are usually affected in relation to women. So he is warm and good, then his sons believe that it is like women. They seem to be mature and responsive lover and cooperative around the house.

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