9 Things Women Should Avoid For Safety of Upper Frontal

Beasts are the most salient features possessed by women. Just like other body parts, breasts should also be taken care of properly. However, maximum women ignore the health care of their breasts which is very harmful in the long run. Here are some helpful tips for having healthy and beautiful breasts

1. Good Diet

Good diet is the whole and sole of our body. Consuming a healthy diet is an important part of maintaining good breast health. Consuming good amount of fruits and vegetables lowers the risk of developing Estrogen-Receptor-Negative Breast Tumors (Estrogen-Receptor-Negative Breast Cancers constitute of 15% of all breast cancers and is difficult to cure.), as they are rich in natural pigments and serve as anti-oxidants. Having vegetables like spinach and black-eyed-peas that are rich in folic acid or folate are surely a key for healthy breasts as they repair the damaged DNA which is a cause for cancer. Consuming dark grapes and chocolates is also said to be beneficial and healthy for breasts as they possess anti-cancer properties.

2. Exercise & Meditation

Over-weight women tend to be prone to higher risks of breast cancer as fat cells produce estrogen, and high levels of estrogen lead to cancer. Exercise of minimum of 150 minutes per week is considered healthy for the breasts and the entire body as whole as exercising increasers the metabolism of the body and helps in maintaining a healthy weight. Working out shrinks the fat cells of the body and therefore your body pumps out less estrogen. Swimming is also a good activity for the health of your breasts. On the other hand, practicing meditation is not only healthy but also a peace-provider and stress-reliever. Some people find the consumption of alcohol and smoking as stress relieving, but consumption of such surely harms the body in every other way. The solution of fighting with psychological factor is to practice peace and meditation.

3.Avoid Smoking & Drinking

According to a meta-analysis, women who drink more than three drinks a day have 1.5 times the risk of developing breast cancer as compared to non-drinkers. Alcohol is again one of the major reasons which can increase the levels of estrogen in the body leading to cancer. While, if we talk about smoking, it’s not only harmful for the lungs and the body but for the breasts as well as the strident chemicals which are inhaled seep into the skin and make it look saggy.

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