15 Silly Lies Girls Tell Their Boyfriend without Getting Caught

11. Ohhh Nick !!

While having $ex, it might be possible that the girl might moan someone else’s name and not her boyfriend’s; this is the time when she is caught red handed and panics and surely has to lie as if it was some actor or something

12. What a Weekend

This lie is often told by many girls to their boyfriends as to they are having fun with their friends and family (and is probably busy therefore, she can’t talk) but it might be possible that she might be having ‘fun’ with someone else.

13. No Future. Dump Him

Many girls make lame excuses and lies as they see no future with their partner. Breaking up for not seeing the future together is surely about being practical but the reasons given might not sound that way for you are just disinterested.

14. Making a Fake Story

Cooking up stories to end a relationship is surely common. She might give silly excuses like she wants to single and doesn’t wants to be any relationship, she needs space, she wants to focus on her career etc. the only issue being that she is not interested neither in you or your relationship.

15. Bad Breath Can Cause Breakup

Another lame excuse for a girl to break up; if a guy wants to spend the night with the girl but she lies of being busy or any other reason, consider it that she doesn’t wants to sleep with him… probably because of bad breath.

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