15 Silly Lies Girls Tell Their Boyfriend without Getting Caught

6. Making a Fake Scenario To End The Realtionship

Many times girls make fake scenarios to breakup with their boyfriends. It may include that she might ask her friend to act as her new boyfriend so that she might breakup with him. Or girls also do such things where they convince her boyfriend and friends that he was cheating on her and use it against him as the reason the relationship had to end; even if he didn’t cheat.

7. Unbelievable Excuse

At times, girls make excuses which are not only hard to believe but also which make anyone ask, “Who does that?” Some girls might breakup by saying that ‘My horoscope is not right’, ‘We don’t match with each other’, ‘My friend doesn’t like you’, ‘I was born with the webbed toes and separated with the help of surgery’ and what not.

8. A perfect Revenge

A girl once confessed that when she came to know that her boyfriend was cheating on her, she put grass killer on the front of his lawn. When he asked her if she killed the grass, she lied and he could not grow the grass due to chemicals from then onwards.

9. I Want My Money Back

Once a couple had a trip planned, and the tickets were purchased under the girlfriend’s credit card and the guy even owed her $300. Later when they broke up as the guy was cheating on her; she asked to pay her money back of his plane tickets, but he refused. So, she called his mom and said or rather bluffed that she had a lawyer and if he didn’t pay her back the amount of $700 he owed her, she would have the lawyer take care of getting it from him. Needless to say, he paid up real quick.

10. Blamming The Boss

The most regular lie which girls tell their boyfriends is when they are unable to respond and henceforth blame the boss, “I’ve been waiting for you and you didn’t even text me you were running late,” just to make the boyfriend feel bad. I will always lie. I’ve used car trouble, allergic reaction, “didn’t see your text,” blamed the boss, and blamed work in general.

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