15 Silly Lies Girls Tell Their Boyfriend without Getting Caught

The relationship between a boyfriend and a girlfriend is delicate unless they have a powerful mutual affection. We all know girls are cute and sweet enough to make boys fall for them. And, boys, do fall terribly simply for such ladies. Nowadays, where partners are changed in the same manner as seasons do, it’s pretty troublesome to form relationships last. Moreover, individuals quickly endure or rather get ‘bored’ with one another. So, lying is very much expected.
If these lies are confessed to the respective partners honestly, probably the relationships would last a touch longer. Lies vary from the man’s possession to faking a situation to finish the connection.
Well, here are few of the stupid lies that principally each different lady tells her boyfriend. Let the love bloom once more by creating lesser use of those lies taken with life.

1. Lying About The Periods

Many girls lie about their periods to their boyfriend, probably because of a number of reasons; may be because they don’t want him to worry or may be to avoid sex. According to the statistics seven out of ten women lie about their periods as an excuse to avoid $ex or to get time to relax; while the other three make it an excuse to explain a bad mood or irritable behavior

2. Giving False Of Being Sick

A lot of girls lie to their boyfriends about being sick. Probably due to a number of reasons including that she is avoiding the guy as she wants to breakup with him or maybe she needs space and time for her. Girls make such lame excuses when they are not ready for the person or the relationship and are scared of being committed; rather they believe in the on and off kinda relationships.

3. Lies On Small Issue

The very little lies make the relationships hollow out of no reason. Lies are spoken out of no reason and even, at the places where the truth could have been told. For Example, if she totaled her boyfriend’s car she would tell him that someone hit me and drove off; such lies should be avoided.

4. She Lied About Her Disease

Few of the girls play really safe and clever and take this kind of risk in which there is 75% of being caught. They convince their partner of being suffering from a deadly disease (e.g. Cancer) and tell him that she has to move out of the country and get the treatment done; therefore, she wants to breakup.

5. Not Satisfied With His D***

During $ex, most of the women lie about being satisfied with their boyfriend. This may be because she might not want to hurt him or because she is planning to end the relationship soon. She might tell him that his d**k was the most satisfying among her previous partners but this might a very strong lie and this would surely affect their relationship on both physical and mental aspects.

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